An Opioid Crisis Community Call Out is scheduled for Monday night, December 11, 6-8 pm at the Center Lake Park Pavilion in Warsaw.

The event is being held as a gathering for ALL those concerned about the problem. We hope to have substance users, parents/families and friends of those affected, law enforcement, judges, county and city employees, law makers, school personnel, all social services, churches, the coroner’s office, the medical community and businesses in attendance. It’s time for a call to action!!

The program for the night will include time for community comments and questions and for literal “call to action” plans to be made before the night ends.

What you can do right now is help by sharing this event to everyone on your list!

The Bowen Center is assisting the A Bridge to Hope organization in our county to get this event recognized and attended. K21 Foundation and others in our county are supporting the A Bridge to Hope and we hope other resources will join the fight.  For more information visit